Ph.D Guidence / Supervision

Sr.No. Guidance /Supervision University Details
01 Dr. V. K. Gelat ·  Pacific University, Paher(Udaipur) -01 


·       Baria Rekhaben N (Submitted)
·  Jodhpur National University-03 ·       Parekh Mayukumar        (On Going)·       Dikshit K Sharma (Submitted)

·       Patel Rinaben (On Going)


02 Dr. R. G. Patel ·  Pacific University, Paher(Udaipur)-02  ·       Pooja M Pal (On Going) (A Study of the values of tribal Students Residing in Central Gujarat)·       Avni Shah (On Going) (An Investigation into the Scientific Perceptions and Attitudes of the Higher Secondary level)


·  Rai University -01 ·       R. H. Patel (On Going) (A Study of Personality and Creativity of the students of Upper Primary Level in Context of certain Variable)
03 Dr. P. J. Dodiyar ·  Pacific University, Paher(Udaipur) – 03  ·